Are you looking for chanterelles and porcini mushrooms - in excellent quality, different processing stages and in scalable quantities? Then you are in the right spot.

Insights: Sorting Fresh Chanterelles

The season is in full swing. And everyone helps out so you can get your fresh chanterelles on time: Our selectors are standing at multiple tables in a refrigerated area. Fresh chanterelles are placed in the middle of the table – the good ones go into the pot, the bad ones into the crop.

Some selectors manage to sort up to 150 wooden crates within 8 hours. This corresponds approximately to 450 kilograms. . Most of them have been doing this for years: Especially students improve their pocket money.

Alle packen mit an: Pfifferlinge sortieren.

Our selectors at work.

Frische Pfifferlinge

Fresh chanterelles.

Unsere Ware in Steigen und Kisten.

Our products in crates and boxes.

Auf dem Weg zu Ihnen

On their way to you.